What To look For In The Best Latex Mattress


Looking for the best latex mattress in the market? If so, you are at the right place. Over the years, latex mattresses have become immensely popular when compared to other conventional types of mattresses. This popularity can be mainly attributed to the numerous benefits that latex mattresses have over the other types.

For starters, latex mattresses have the capacity to resist mold, dust, mildew and even mites and as such are a great choice for people who might have allergies. These mattresses are also known for their durability and great support.

Choosing the best latex mattress

For individuals who might be interested in purchasing this mattress, the challenge usually comes in during the selection process as there are quite a number of factors that have to be considered so as to be able to make the best choice. The following is an overview of some of these factors;

Natural, synthetic or blended

hdhdd74This is perhaps one of the most common factors that one has to consider before making a purchase. As you may already know, latex is basically rubber and as a norm mattresses made from this material are available in 3 forms; natural, synthetic and blended

Natural latex mattresses are made from natural rubber extracted from the rubber tree also known as Hevea Brasiliensis. Mattresses made from natural latex have the advantage of being uniquely supportive and very resilient but tend to be quite costly. Synthetic latex can be best described as a rubbery petroleum based polymer which has the advantage of having consistent quality and also being less costly. A blended mattress usually combines natural and synthetic latex in varying percentages and is one of the most common types of latex mattresses available in the market. You can choose from any of the three materials when making a purchase, but you should note that the latex material will dictate the price.

Dunlop or Talay?

There are basically two techniques used in making latex mattresses: Dunlop and Talay. The Dunlop technique basically encompasses pouring the molten rubber into a mold and letting it cool off while in the talay technique the rubber is flash frozen on the mold. Due to this, mattresses made using the talay process have a higher quality and are also more expensive than those made using the Dunlop process


The firmness of the mattress is also another factor that comes into play when selecting the best latex mattress. As a norm, firmness is usually based on personal preference. Manufacturers are well aware of this and have produced different grades of firmness which is usually indicated on the mattress.

It is usually advisable to check the firmness of the mattress with your hands and also confirm the firmness grade so as to be able to make the best decision

Mattress covers

hdhdhd4Mattress covers are usually made from different types of materials with some of the most common being cotton, wool, and even jade covers. As a guideline, you should always go for a mattress cover that is both durable, flexible and with sufficient ventilation so as to prevent the accumulation of heat and the musty smell quite common in mattresses

By considering the above factors, you are assured of finding the best latex mattress. This is just a rough overview on what to look for when selecting the best bed. You can click this website for more information about the best latex mattress. Got a baby? Check out http://uponamattress.com/best-for-crib-reviews and take a look at the top crib mattresses.…